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Anemos Mykonos Transfer Services is a Greek company located in Mykonos operating and specializing in high quality transportation services all over the island

Moving in Mykonos on busy months is a lot of trouble ,so many people prefer renting a car or booking transfer. With Anemos Mykonos Transfer Services you do not have to worry about anything about your transportation. All you have to do is tell us about your needs and enjoy the ride and your vacations.

contact us and book the tour of your dreams

Enjoy amazing tours around Mykonos with a great team of expert guides.

We offer personalized programs to discover together the most famous spots on the Mykonos island

Also, if you want something more specialized “Anemos rent a car & Bike Mykonos” can offer you the Mykonos tour service. You can drive around the island in three hours with a local driver in a tour that can be designed depending on your desires. Also if you want you can have a professional tour guide at your service

Great People. Amazing Services in Mykonos.

Enjoy Amazing Tours Around Mykonos With A Great Team Of Expert Guides.